The Gendered Impacts of Climate Change: Exploring Perceptions among Agricultural Indigenous Communities in La Guajira, Colombia Open Access

Ocampo, Luisa (Spring 2019)

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Climate change has become a common research perspective given its threat to global health. Current understandings of climate change impacts are incomplete as there is a need to further understand the socio- contextual impacts that climate change has on the individual lived experiences of indigenous people. Due to a decrease in precipitation and persistent drought, self-subsistence farmers in the Caribbean department of La Guajira, Colombia face pervasive poverty and food insecurity. The present study examines the gendered impacts of climate change on the social and economic context within Wayuu indigenous communities through a cross sectional qualitative research on subsistence farmers in La Guajira. Results indicate that gender norms and roles differ in Wayuu communities, therefore leading to differentiated impacts amongst actors. Lack of fresh water and sporadic rainfall, the most pressing climate impact, severely and negatively affects economic and cultural practices essential for the livelihoods of residents of La Guajira. Intrinsic and collective agency were found to have a positive impact on adaptations strategies, especially among women. This study was conducted in collaboration with WFP Colombia which has implemented training programs to increase climate resilience and adaptation among vulnerable ethnic groups. The results have global and local policy implications that fit the various societal mechanisms at play.  

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Literature Review

Chapter III: Manuscript







Chapter VI: Discussion




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