Stanniocalcin 1 (STC1) Expression as a Predictor of Late Breast Cancer Recurrence: Evaluating STC1 in Recurrent Tumors Open Access

Johnson, Natishkah (Spring 2019)

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Background:Expression of the Stanniocalcin 1 (STC1) hormone is associated with increased cancer risk and progression, and may increase the likelihood of recurrence. We investigate the hypothesis that STC1 expression is higher in recurrent tumors of patients experiencing late recurrence compared to early recurrence. 

Methods:A total of 194 estrogen receptor-positive, tamoxifen-treated (ER+/TAM+) and 116 estrogen receptor-negative, tamoxifen-untreated (ER-/TAM-) breast cancer recurrence patients who experienced recurrence within 10 years post diagnosis were selected from a cohort of 11,251 Danish breast cancer patients diagnosed from 1985 to 2001. The association between IHC expression of STC1 in recurrent tumor tissues was evaluated within intervals of time to recurrence (2 to <3 years, 3 to <4 years, 4 to <6 years, 6 to <10 years, ref: 1 to <2 years).

Results:Dichotomized STC1 expression (positive /negative) was not associated with recurrence at any time interval including late recurrence, 6 to 10 years (aOR = 0.43; 95% CI, 0.1-1.74).

Conclusion:Our results do not suggest an association between recurrent tumor STC1 expression and breast cancer recurrence. While the evidence is insufficient to draw conclusions, there was a trend of decreasing odds of recurrence over increasing time to event intervals that may suggest that STC1 expression in the primary tumor may be important to potentiate late recurrence, but not necessary to maintain that potential.

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CHAPTER I: Background/Literature Review 1

CHAPTER II: Manuscript 4

Introduction 5

Methods 6

Results 9

Discussion 10

References 13

Tables 16

CHAPTER III: Summary, Public Health Implications, Possible Future Directions 19

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