Culture Shock: Finding Music in Compromises and Tradeoffs Open Access

Le, Brian (Spring 2022)

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In a podcast episode titled Culture Shock, I share my multiethnic experience of the clash between aesthetics of Vietnamese and American musical traditions. During my years at Emory, I have rethought my multicultural identity, choosing different tradeoffs than I had when I was younger. An essential part of the journey has been the music I consume and create. I present my Vietnamese-American identity in a potpourri of dialogue, staging, music, and sound—blending various podcast genres with live classical, electronic, and pop music. The works on tonight’s program are inspired by a wide range of memories—from the pits of musical theater to the ivory keys of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Sonia Posetti. You will also hear my native language, stories from my life, and even a few unsponsored commercials.  As a liberal arts scholar, I seek to explore multiculturalism in a conscious, respectful, and honest way. This engagement with academic research and self-reflective processes guide my composing. Through this honors project, I provide a snapshot of my current understanding of my identity. I hope to confront histories of colonialism, reflect upon Asian American identities, and create music that can communicate both joy and responsibility.

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Introduction Turkey Time IKEA Variations on an Original Theme Interview I Protest Adidas Danzon Prelude Foxconn Interview II Four Songs from Two Sisters What Makes a Musical Identity? Astral

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