Assessing the Self-Compassion Scale as a Measure of Mindfulness Open Access

Hennessy, Grace (2015)

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This thesis examines the Mindfulness Subscale of the Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) as a measure of mindfulness change from pre- to post-intervention. Secondary data analysis was conducted using primary data from the Project UPLIFT Treatment and Prevention studies in order to carry out the appropriate analyses relevant to the research objectives of this thesis. Findings indicated that an increase in mindfulness is associated with a decrease in depressive symptoms, and that an increase in mindfulness is also associated with an increase in knowledge and skills related to mindfulness as a result of mindfulness intervention. However, mindfulness change did not show significant differences between attendance categories (attendance of less than half, more than half but not all, or all sessions). When looking at baseline levels of mindfulness, this finding may have been the result of discrepancies in true mindfulness self-report at pre-intervention measurement. Therefore, the Mindfulness Subscale of the SCS may not be a valid measurement of mindfulness at pre-intervention.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction Mindfulness..1

Mindfulness and Anxiety..1

Mindfulness and PTSD..2

Mindfulness and Depression..2

Self-Compassion Scale..2

Mindfulness Subscale..3

Project UPLIFT..4

Problem Statement..5

Research Objectives..5

Chapter 2: Review of the Literature Mindfulness..6

Mindfulness and Depression..6

Mindfulness and Anxiety..7

Mindfulness and PTSD..8

Benefits of Mindfulness..8

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy..9


Self-Compassion Scale..12

Mindfulness Subscale..14

Project UPLIFT..14

Project UPLIFT Findings..15

Chapter 3: Methodology Participants..17



Depressive Symptoms..18

Knowledge and Skills..19



Data Analysis..21

Chapter 4: Results Dataset..22

Descriptive Statistics..23

Mindfulness and Depression..25

Mindfulness and Knowledge/Skills..26

Mindfulness and Attendance..27

Individual Mindfulness Items..28

Chapter 5: Discussion Purpose..30

Research Objective..30

Mindfulness and Depression..30

Mindfulness and Knowledge/Skills..31

Mindfulness and Attendance..31

Summary of Findings..33





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