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Neo, Joevenn (Summer 2020)

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Philosophies Without Foundations is a thesis about how 20th century philosophies in the Anglo-Saxon analytic tradition, the post-analytic tradition, and the continental tradition have simultaneously suffered a crisis in their respective philosophical foundations. This thesis explores each tradition’s attempts to overcome this foundational crisis through their search to philosophize without foundations.

Table of Contents

Title: Philosophies Without Foundations

Chapter One: The Problem of Philosophical Groundlessness

Part I: Recent Discussions on the Problems of Philosophical Foundations

Part I (A): Williams’ Perspective

Part I (B): Lapoujade’s Perspective

Part II: A New Perspective on the Problem of Philosophical Foundations

Chapter Two: A History of the Questions About Philosophical Foundations: Carnap, Petitot, Rorty, Cavell, Heidegger, Laruelle-Schmid.

Part I: Analytic Philosophy

Part I (A): Rudolph Carnap

Part I (B): Jean Petitot

Part II: Ordinary Philosophy

Part II (A): Richard Rorty

Part II (B): Stanley Cavell

Part III: Continental Philosophy

Part III (A): Martin Heidegger

Part III (B): François Laruelle and Anne-Françoise Schmid

Chapter Three: Philosophical Change Without Foundations

Part I: Critique of Rorty’s Philosophical Account of Change

Part II: Laruelle-Schmid’s Philosophical Practice Without Philosophical Foundations



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