Grant Proposal to Develop a Pilot Training Program that Enhances the Social Dynamic Relationship between Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB-GYN) Fellows and Black Mothers in Georgia. Open Access

Henderson, Shalanda (Summer 2020)

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Georgia has been deemed with having the highest maternal mortality rates in the US. According to the CDC, more than half of the pregnancy-related deaths in GA were preventable in 2012-2014. This public health crisis is disproportionally affecting the Black mothers in this state, as they continue to have the highest maternal mortality rates across races/ethnicities. In 2019, while the deaths per 100,000 births for White (59.7), Hispanic (26.1), and Asian/Pacific Islander (50) mothers were high, they were still lower than the State average for Black mothers (95.6). Several factors contribute to maternal mortality in Black mothers; however, racism is the driving force, and implicit and explicit biases are fueling the systemic barriers. 

This grant proposal is in response to The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation request for proposal (RFP) opportunity, which is intended for the advancement of education in healthcare professionals and to promoting diversity, equity, and belonging to all those seeking care from the US healthcare system. The grant proposal is seeking funding to develop the curriculum design for two pilot training programs that improve the social dynamic relationship between OB-GYN fellows and Black mothers in GA. One training program will be for OB-GYN fellows and one will be for Black mothers. Focus groups will be used to collect the experiences, perspectives, and ideas from each target audience, respectively. In addition to evidence-based approaches and practices, the focus groups’ grounded recommendations will help develop comprehensive training programs that best tailors to their needs as a medical trainee and as a Black mother.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction 1

Problem statement 5

Purpose statement 6

Objectives 6

Significance statement 7

Description of the Project 7

Chapter 2: Review of Literature 9

The Social Dynamic Relationship 9

Patient-Centered Training Gaps in Healthcare Professionals 9

Implicit Bias and Racial Disparities in the US Healthcare System 10

Patient Empowerment 11

Communication Barriers 12

Conceptual Frameworks and Models for Intervention Design 16

Burgess Framework (2016) 16

The SHARE Approach Workshop Curriculum 21

Common Group Identity Model 22

Patient Empowerment Model 22

Patient-Centered Communication Skills and Techniques (The 6-Function Model) 24

Curriculum Design and Delivery Format 25

Chapter III: Methodology 27

Agencies that Fund Similar Programs 27

Grant Announcement Summary - The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Grant 27

Proposal Review Criteria 28

The Grant Review Process 30

Description of Grant Proposal Reviewers 31

Protection of Human Subjects 33

Chapter IV: Incorporation of Reviewer Comments 36

Reviewer 1 Comments 36

Reviewer 2 Comments 45

Reviewer 3 Comments 47

Reviewer 4 Comments 48

Reviewer 5 Comments 49

Chapter V: Final Grant Proposal 59

Project Information 59

Additional Project Information and Uploads 61

Cover Letter 61

Project Description 63

Expected Outcomes 69

Project Budget 70

Supporting Documents 72

Bibliography 79

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