The Role of Transcription Elongation, Cohesin, and Condensin II in Mediating Gene Looping in Drosophila melanogaster Open Access

Wang, Shuya (Summer 2018)

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Chromatin is a complex of DNA, proteins, and RNA that locate within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. Investigating the mechanisms of the 3D organization of chromatin can refine our understanding of genomic processes, such as gene expression and replication. With the development of a technique, Hi-C, we are able to visualize the 3D folding of chromatin and chromatin organization features, including compartments and gene loops, were explored. My project focuses on how transcription elongation, cohesin, and condensin II interact with each in mediating gene looping in Drosophila melanogaster. The results suggest that transcription elongation and cohesin can independently promote loop formation in Drosophila melanogaster. By contrast, condensin II can independently counter such interactions.

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