Trans*forming Politics: An Analysis of State Adoption of Transgender-Related Policies Open Access

Perkins, Timothy (Spring 2018)

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The transgender community in the United States has been catapulted into the national spotlight in the past few years, with increased representation in media from stars like Caitlyn Jenner, as well as increased public debate on the legal rights of trans* and gender non-conforming citizens. This article discusses the relationship between state-level transgender hate crime, birth certificate, and employment nondiscrimination policies and two key terms: policy salience and policy novelty. The former refers to the amount of attention paid to the issue in the public sphere, and is measured as “low salience” in years leading up to 2014. The lattdder relates to Taylor et al.’s theories of policy complexity, and equates complexity to the presence (or lack thereof) of similar policies that have already been adopted. The research is framed as a survival analysis that utilizes a Cox Non-Proportional Hazards model in order to assess the relative likelihood (or “risk”) of policy adoption associated with multiple competing theories. Results of this analysis refute previous literature and find that differences in neither salience nor policy novelty (a measure of complexity) influence a difference in the theoretical models associated with adoption of transgender policy.

Table of Contents

Research Question – pg. 1

Literature Review – pg. 4

Theory – pg. 10

Data and Methods – pg. 17

            Policy Learning Theory – pg. 21

            Interest Group Theory – pg. 24

            Morality Policy Theory – pg. 25

Results and Analysis – pg. 28

Conclusion – pg. 35

Works Cited – pg. 40

Appendix A: Codebook – pg. 42

Appendix B: R-Code – pg. 46

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