Development of a DNAzyme-based, Self-catalyzing Reaction and Self-assembly Gold Nanoparticle Reaction for the Detection of Dengue Virus Open Access

Wang, Jack (Spring 2022)

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Dengue virus is one of the most dangerous and rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral diseases in the world, with localized outbreaks and epidemics being observed especially in the developing countries of Latin America, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Despite its prevalence and the significant amount of research already put into studying it, it is likely that activity of the virus is still being underestimated due to lack of clinical suspicion and diagnostic tests. Therefore, it is important that rapid and sensitive tests that can be used in non-clinical settings in rural regions be developed and deployed to combat Dengue. This project focuses on developing a test for heavily conserved Dengue RNA components. The system utilizes a DNAzyme-based, self-catalyzing reaction coupled with a gold nanoparticle self-assembly reaction to produce a colorimetric readout in the presence of viral DNA/RNA targets. The system can also be easily converted to test for RNA and DNA components of various other viruses.

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