Traducciones extraterrestres y abducciones lingüísticas (Extraterrestrial Translations and Linguistic Abductions) Open Access

Ehrenzeller, Jason (2017)

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In the field of Translation Studies, little attention has been paid to the translation of multilingual and multidialectal works. As Reine Meylaerts notes, the study and translation of these types of complex linguistic compositions may hold the potential to reconstruct traditional Translation Studies models including the source text- target text binary, as well as the fundamental decision for formulating a translation strategy laid forth by Lawrence Venuti to either exoticize, bring the reader abroad, or domesticate, make a text conform to the target audience's sociolinguistic norms. In this Honors Thesis, I perform a translation of Carlos Gámez Pérez's "Abducciones en la que no es y nunca fue tu ciudad," a linguistically intricate short story centered on clashes of language, namely varieties of Spanish dialects. As the Spanish narrator-protagonist settles in Miami, Florida, where he has moved to work on a book on alien abductions, he undergoes a gradual lexical assimilation into his new linguistic landscape until--in a true science fiction sense-- his language changes come to signify an actual alien abduction. Through my global strategy, I outline the ways in which I have maintained this confrontation between Peninsular Spanish and the Latin American-style Spanish of Miami along with other linguistic dynamics present in the story. In the most general sense, I have domesticated the narrator's Peninsular Spanish by presenting it as fluent colloquial English and have exoticized the Spanish of Miami by portraying it as Spanglish in order to maintain a tangible clash of codes. I hope the ways in which I have approached this translation will foster further discussions on the vital and pressing issues of multi-dialectal and multilingual translation.

Table of Contents

I Introducción Critica

1 Introducción

3 Datos biográficos

6 Resumen del relato

9 La búsqueda para una teoría para obras multilingües y multi-dialectales

9 Estrategia global

21 Decisiones de detalle

II Traducción del relato al inglés

26 "Abductions In What Is Not and Was Never Your City"

III Referencias

52 Bibliografía

55 Referencias adicionales

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