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Jardeleza, Darby Marie-Therese (2017)

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Animals is a collection of six short stories that serve as answers to several questions such as: "Is it possible to love someone without understanding him or her?" "What does it take to make someone incapable of love?" and "What is the difference between a good person and a bad person?" Through the experiences of the collection's characters, I have attempted to answer these fundamental questions in a manner that acknowledges the complexity of the questions themselves. This collection deals extensively with the thematic thread of animals, which suggests that human behavior, like animal behavior, is rooted in survival. In addition to this metaphor, several stories such as "Animals" and "Blood of the Air" experiment with non-chronological structures and were largely influenced by the work of Alice Munro. Perhaps the most important component of this collection is depth of character, which was influenced by the stories of Eric Puchner.

Table of Contents

Yardwork 1

Animals 25

Blood of the Air 44

Whose Monkeys? 64

One in the Hand 80

Letter to a Stranger 91

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