Toward Communal Healing: Initiating A Collective Vision To Combat Congregational Crises Open Access

Lomax, Charles (Spring 2018)

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Occasions occur where congregations are confronted with moments of crisis. There are many forms that crisis can assume, but all of them have the potential of irreparably injuring the church and those who attend. Crises will often consume a congregation causing it to question its identity, and ultimately fall short of doing the work of ministry. For congregations in this condition, the only solution is to engage in a process of healing. For St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Alcoa, Tennessee, that healing process took the form of constructing a collective vision to redefine our direction and to communally declare the kind of congregation we desired to be. Healing takes time, but the benefits of a collective vision are well worth the wait and will propel the congregation beyond the hurt and shame that crisis has the potential of inflicting.

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