Allylic C-H Functionalization Studies on Allylbenzene Derivatives Open Access

Chen, Steven (Spring 2020)

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Selective C-H functionalization has been an emerging field within organic chemistry in the past few decades due to its potential for more efficient syntheses of essential compounds relevant to the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Allylic C-H functionalization has become an increasingly important area of chemistry research as it presents novel possibilities for efficient and bio sustainable reactions in the laboratory. This study investigates the utilization of Iridium(III)-catalyzed C-H sulfonamidation on allylbenzene derivatives using tosyl azide as the nitrogen source. Subsequently, the study investigates and discusses preliminary results from Iridium(III)-catalyzed C-H amination with a benzyl carbamate as the nitrogen source. The impact of the results is the development of a more efficient and bio sustainable pathway for sulfonamidation, a process which can be applied for more efficient drug synthesis and mechanistic design in the future. 

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Introduction 1 

Results 6 

Further Studies 12 

Conclusion 17 

Supplemental Information 17 

References 35 


Figure 1 White et. al. - Oxidative C-H functionalization

Figure 2 Cossy et. al. – Cyclic amine synthesis using RhCp*

Figure 3 Tanaka et. al. – Selective coordination of the π -allyl intermediate onto internal olefins

Figure 4 Blakey et. al., Glorius et. al. - Allylic C-H functionalization studies

Figure 5 Reaction pathway for allylic C-H functionalization using an external oxidant – AgOAc

Figure 6 Blakey et. al., Rovis et. al. - Allylic C-H amidation using dioxazolones

Figure 7 Substrate Scope - Steven Chen

Figure 8 Substrate Scope - Amaan Kazerouni, Taylor Nelson, Kim Sharp

Figure 9 Intended product of benzyl carbamate insertion on allylbenzene 12 

Figure 10 Synthesis of a bis-trifluoromethyl-substituted compound 13 

Figure 11 Synthesis of OPiv-NH-Cbz 15 

Figure 12 Synthesis of Ts- NH-OPiv 16 


Table 1 Sulfonamidation reaction on allylbenzene – optimization trials

Table 2 Benzyl carbamate insertion initial trials 14 

Table 3 Benzyl carbamate insertion with OPiv-NH-Cbz 15 


Schematic 1 Sulfonamidation reaction pathway 11 

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