Increasing Access to Improve Lives: grant proposal to develop a mobile unit to increase maternal health care for Black women in rural Georgia Open Access

Glean, Ercilla (Summer 2021)

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Georgia is one of the worst states for maternal mortality. This disparity is even higher for Black women, especially those who live in rural Georgia counties. Evidence shows a current decrease in access to maternal health care in Georgia due to hospital closures. Traveling great distances to access care can also mean that women are less likely to keep up with scheduled appointments. Globally, mobile health units are regularly utilized for various services, including maternal health. There is an unmet need for increased access to care in rural Georgia counties, where a maternal mobile health unit can alleviate the burden of having to drive great distances for services. This grant proposal aims to fill that gap and in doing so not only improve access to care for Black mothers, but also improve health outcomes which can in turn, improve the Black maternal mortality rate.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction. 1

Introduction. 1

Problem Statement 1

Purpose Statement 2

Significance Statement 2

Chapter 2: Review of Literature. 3

Introduction. 3

Literature Review.. 3

Chapter 3: Methodology. 12

Agencies that Fund Mobile Clinics. 12

Description of Grant Announcement 13

Criteria. 13

Methodology of Grant Review Process. 15

Reviewers. 16

Protection of Human Subjects. 17

Chapter IV: Incorporation of Reviewer Comments 21

Reviewer 1 comments: 21

Reviewer 2 comments: 22

Reviewer 3 comments: 23

Reviewer 4 comments: 24

Reviewer 5 comments: 25

Chapter 5: Final Version of Proposal 27

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