Supporting International Collaboration in Public Health: Selection and Implementation of an International Case Management System at Emory University Open Access

Roberts, Stephanie R (2013)

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Higher education has seen a significant increase in international collaboration, research, and education in the past ten years, and the field of Public Health is no exception. The importance of a global perspective is clearly reflected in the values of the field as a whole as well as in the requirements for accreditation of Schools of Public Health. Several institutions with Schools of Public Health are among those with the largest number of international scholars.

Extensive support is required to bring international scholars to the United States and ensure they maintain legal immigration status during their stay. This support is usually provided by an office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). As the international population increases, and regulations and associated reporting requirements become more complex, the need for a comprehensive case management and reporting system for an international office has become critical.

The purpose of this Special Studies Project was to implement Sunapsis, an international student and scholar case management system, for the office of International Student and Scholar Services at Emory University. Due to resource constraints, only the scholar population was included in this phase of implementation. The project required setting up an appropriate system architecture; creating a data feed from the institutional system; configuring batch and real-time interfaces with SEVIS; understanding and incorporating case management tools and electronic recordkeeping; and creating an electronic scholar request process for departments. Despite technical and contact-related delays, the project was ultimately successful in reaching its required objectives.

Sunapsis has allowed the ISSS office to better support the international scholar population at Rollins School of Public Health and other Public Health programs at Emory University. The success of the Sunapsis implementation at Emory University can be translated to other international offices at institutions with Schools of Public Health. While each office and institution is unique, regulatory and compliance requirements are consistent throughout the country. Schools of Public Health, and by turn the field as a whole, can benefit from an understanding of the system and its benefits to an office supporting a large international population.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Problem Statement

1.3 Purpose Statement

1.4 Significance Statement

1.5 Definition of Terms

Chapter 2: Review of Literature

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Requirements

2.3 Solutions Considered

2.3.1 PeopleSoft

2.3.2 Manual case management and reporting

2.3.3 fsaATLAS

2.3.4 Sunapsis

Chapter 3: Methodology

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Methodology

3.3 System Architecture

3.3.1 Platform

3.3.2 Authentication

3.4 Data Feed

3.5 SEVIS Reporting

3.6 Case Management

3.6.1 E-Forms

3.6.2 Alerts

3.6.3 Case Tracker

3.7 Department Request Functionality

3.8 Paperless Processing

3.9 Reports

3.10 Go-Live

3.11 User training and documentation

3.12 Limitations

Chapter 4: Results

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Description of Outcome

4.2.1 System Architecture

4.2.2 Data Feed

4.2.3 SEVIS Interface/Reporting

4.2.4 Case Management/Paperless Recordkeeping

4.2.5 E-Forms

4.2.6 Alerts

4.2.7 Case Tracker

4.3 Department Request Functionality

4.4 Other Findings

4.4.1 Support Challenges

4.4.2 Version 3.0

4.5 Summary

Chapter 5: Conclusion and Implications

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Implications



A.1 International Population at Emory University: 2002/03 - 2012/03

A.2 Project Documentation

A.3 XML Schema

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