Living in Peril: Witchcraft Suppression in the Northern Province, South Africa in the Twentieth Century Open Access

Sandlin, Kate (Spring 2020)

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This thesis examines the prerogatives and anxieties that underwrote twentieth century witchcraft suppression legislation in the Northern Province of South Africa. I analyze witchcraft’s place in the political imaginaries of colonial, apartheid, and post-apartheid states and how witchcraft suppression policies weaponized their biases. More broadly, this thesis explores the subjectivity of evil, suffering, and fear.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Way of the World or The Way of Yours? 1

Chapter 1: Never Fear, the British are Here: Witchcraft Suppression in the Early-Twentieth Century 8

Chapter 2: Witchcraft Suppression and White Supremacy in the Age of Apartheid 27

Chapter 3: Which Side are You on: The Ralushai Commission and the ANC’s Witchcraft Problem 42

Conclusion: Dammed if You Do and Dammed if You Don’t: Witchcraft Suppression Post- Apartheid 57

Bibliography 64

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