Towards a Palestinian Christian Feminist Hermeneutic Open Access

AlRaheb, Tala (Spring 2018)

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Palestinian Christian women residing in the West Bank experience misogyny on

a daily basis. Their unique identity as Palestinians, Christians, and women entails

a triple subjugation by the various factors that influence the particular aspects of

their identities. The factors influencing Palestinian Christian women’s

experiences are comprised of several laws and cultural norms. These laws

include: State laws, Religious court laws, and Customary laws. These three

systems, furthermore, allow for the intersection of religion, culture, and law that

affects gender dynamics in Palestine. The intersection of religion, culture, and

law, additionally, reinforces the cycle of violence against women and inflicts a

hierarchical system in which women are not guaranteed equality. In order to

address the implication of the oppressive systems upon Palestinian Christian

women, we need to create a new hermeneutic. A Palestinian Christian feminist

hermeneutic utilizes an interdisciplinary approach in order to examine the

intersection between religion, culture, and law. Furthermore, this hermeneutic

develops a mixed-method approach, which includes a historical examination of

the legal system in Palestine, cultural hermeneutics, Christian and Muslim

religious analysis, and ethnography in order to adequately address the

experiences of Palestinian Christian women. Towards a Palestinian Christian

Feminist Hermeneutic does not attempt to address nor answer the concerns of

Palestinian Christian women. It merely sets the building blocks necessary for the

creation of a liberative feminist hermeneutic within the Palestinian context.

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