Unhealthy Weight Among Children-Mother Pairs in Cambodian Families: Prevalence and Associated Factors Open Access

Wang, Zhiyao (Spring 2022)

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Childhood malnutrition, including underweight, wasted, and stunted, has long been a concern in Cambodia; however, it is unclear how overweight, and obesity affect Cambodian children. In addition, no study was found focused on exploring the weight patterns of mother-child pairs in Cambodia. In this study, four years of Cambodian DHS data (2000 to 2014) were used to understand the prevalence of unhealthy weight and height among children from 2000 to 2014, the prevalence of mother-children weight pairs in 2014, and the characteristics of children and mother-child pairs. Another purpose of this study was to examine the association between individual-and household- level factors and unhealthy weight in children and mother-child pairs. Survey adjusted descriptive analyses were performed for all selected variables: proportion was calculated. Logistic regression was conducted to understand the association between unhealthy weight and individual- and household-level factors among children and mother-child weight pairs. In conclusion, for the last 20 years, Cambodia has reduced both hungry and over-nourished children, as evidenced by a continuous decrease in the prevalence of wasting, underweight, stunting, overweight and obesity. Finally, this study discovered that individual and household level factors such as place of residence, family wealth index, parental education attainment, and birth size are associated with wasted, underweight, stunted children, and unhealthy mother-child weight pairs.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-3

Chapter 2. Background-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4-13

Chapter 3. Methodology--------------------------------------------------------------------------------14-19

Chapter 4. Results----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19-34

Chapter 5. Discussion and Recommendations-------------------------------------------------------35-40






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