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Sun, Zhe (2014)

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Sea Story, Evening Banquet, Nocturne, and Sunrise are the four movements of a larger program music series titled Sea Story. the piece depicts a one-day voyage on the sea, beginning in the afternoon with the cozy Sea Story. as the day wanes, the work transitions into the exotic Evening Banquet tango, followed by the sleepless deep night in Nocturne. the final movement attempts to convey the experience of witnessing a sublime Sunrise. Jasmine Flower is a theme and variation for string quartet with the theme borrowed from a chinese pentatonic-mode folk song, which is traditionally performed by Jiang nan si zhu, a typical chinese ensemble. this modern adaptation using common major and minor modes, as well as classic music, gives a refreshing new feeling to a time-honored favorite. Lotus in Spring is composed to create a meditative ambience round through the flowing unfolding phrases, lyrical and imitative melodies, and the hollow feeling from weakened harmonies, as well as the asynchronous rhythm in different lines. especially, the traditional chinese string-pluck instrument pipa, together with the wood box and triangle, successfully create a meditative, mysterious, and religious feeling. that mysterious quality is precisely what Lotus in Spring strives to impart, not only because the lotus is symbolic in Buddhism, but because it is supposed to bloom in summer rather than spring.

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Sea Story

mvt1. Sea Story Piano Quintet mvt2. Evening Banquet Piano Quintet Tango mvt3. Nocturne Piano Solo mvt4. Sunrise Piano Quintet Lotus in Spring Ensemble: 2 flutes, Pipa, Violin, Piano, Percussion (Xylophone, woodbox, triangle, tambourine

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