The Effect of the Implementation of the Ventilator Bundle Checklist on Health Outcomes Open Access

Dhruva, Pooja Nimish (2013)

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This study attempts to evaluate the impact of the utilization of the ventilator bundle checklist on health outcomes such as VAP, mortality, readmission, and general complications. In order to achieve this study's overall purpose, an extensive medical chart review was conducted at one hospital. Data on patient demographics and health outcomes was collected from ventilator patient records before and after the checklist was implemented. Upon a full regression analysis, this study found that the ventilator checklist significantly reduces the probability of readmission and mortality among all ventilator patients by 19 and 16 percentage points respectively.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Introduction 1

II. Contribution 2

III. Background 4

A. Literature Review on Medical Checklists 4

B. Background on Ventilators and VAP 7

C. Literature Review on Ventilators Bundle Checklists 11

IV. Methods 13

A. Data Collection13

B. Empirical Strategy for Health Outcomes 15

C. Empirical Strategy for Control Variables 17

D. Hypotheses 19

V. Results and Discussion 20

A. Readmission 21

B. Complication 24

C. Ventilator Associated Pneumonia 25

D. Mortality 26

E. Limitations 27

VI. Conclusion 29

Table 1 21

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