Risk Stratification by Nomogram for Stage II Colon Cancer Patients and Impacts from Adjuvant Chemotherapy on Overall Survival Based on NCDB Open Access

Wu, Ruizhe (Spring 2018)

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The benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy on overall survival (OS) for patients with stage II colon cancer is controversial. The major question is whether these patients should take adjuvant chemotherapy or not.  This study aims to establish a risk stratification for stage II colon cancer patients under surgical resection and evaluate benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy on OS for these patients. Based on National Cancer Data Base (NCDB), we tried to build up two risk prediction models that aim to classify patients into three risk groups. Through conducting single-variable and multivariable survival analysis stratified by the risk groups, we aimed to examine whether the impact of adjuvant chemotherapy on OS would be different among the three risk groups for the target stage II colon cancer patients.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------       1

2. Method----------------------------------------------------------------      3

  2.1 Patient Selection-------------------------------------------------       3

  2.2 Nomogram and Model Validation---------------------------         5

  2.3 Statistical Analysis-----------------------------------------------       7

3. Results-----------------------------------------------------------------     8

  3.1 Patient characteristics------------------------------------------        8

  3.2 Nomograms and Model Validation--------------------------         8

  3.3 Kaplan-Meier Curves-------------------------------------------11

  3.4 Single-variable Survival Analysis-----------------------------14

  3.5 Multivariable Survival Analysis-------------------------------15

4. Discussion------------------------------------------------------------17

5. References-----------------------------------------------------------19

6. Appendix-------------------------------------------------------------21

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