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Sokolowski, Dana Colleen (2015)

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Anxiety is the state of immovability--the overwhelming inability to act beyond one's mortality. It is the desire to be in the future, in the past, in death, but to be trapped in a forced encasement--the body--in the present. As a result, living becomes a kind of death; the body, a corpse. When confronted with fear and loneliness, estrangement and space, sex and the male body, violence and injustice, suffering and healing, such a grounded existence experiences constant weight without the prospect of escape. Ground is a fight to divest of the body in attempt to gain control--of the body, of who and what act upon it, and the space in which the body inhabits, refusing to accept confinement.

Table of Contents

1. Rose

2. Selves

3. Yeast

4. To the Babe in Me

5. Bone Box

6. In a Moment

7. I Am Skinny

8. The Statues

9. Are You Fucking Kidding Me

10. On the Phone in September

11. Untitled

12. The Third Law

13. How, Now

14. Untitled

15. Product

16. 3am

17. Rental

18. Dimensions

19. Between You and Me

21. Devotion

22. 4am

23. Storytime

24. Chris

25. This Time

26. Dawn

27. Nighttime Ritual

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