Running From Noise to the Silence of Prayer: Encountering Lectio Divina and Contemplative Worship Open Access

Boone, Julie (Spring 2019)

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Noise has infiltrated the Church and Christian life. The church has become uncomfortable with silence and thus it is not often embraced or understood. Creating space for silence and reflection is often neglected and avoided. Because of the noise and lack of silence, it has become increasingly more difficult to hear and listen for the gentle whisper of God. The most accessible means of listening for God is through prayer. This project evaluates how a congregation shapes itself as the Body of Christ and how it responds when invited into the silence through the ancient prayer practice of lectio divina and a contemplative worship experience. Through surveys, personal interviews, and hands-on experience, the study reveals that the congregation, which considers itself an actively praying community, desires silence, yet lacks the space and the tools to experience silence in their daily life and Christian faith.

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