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UMI Research Fields > Humanities > Social Sciences > Folklore

Bransford, Stephen Henry (2008)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Tullos, Allen
Committee Members: Dowd, Timothy J ; Grimshaw, Anna
Research Fields: Music; Cinema; Folklore
Keywords: documentary photography; documentary film; American roots music
Program: Laney Graduate School, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/15rrp
Denapoli, Antoinette Elizabeth (2009)
Committee Chair / Thesis Advisers: Patton, Laurie L; Flueckiger, Joyce
Committee Members: Courtright, Paul
Research Fields: Religion, History of; Anthropology, Cultural; Folklore
Keywords: Asceticism; Female Asceticism; Hindu devotional traditions; Rajasthani Folklore; Narrative Performance; Oral History
Program: Laney Graduate School, Religion (West and South Asian Religions)
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/195cp
Drake, Jamil William (2015)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Laderman, Gary
Committee Members: Tullos, Allen ; Lewis, Earl
Research Fields: Religion, General; History, Black; Folklore
Keywords: Religion and Race; Folk; Social Sciences
Program: Laney Graduate School, Religion (American Religious Cultures)
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/pqsf9
Hutson, Amanda (2013)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Melton, James
Committee Members: Miller, Judith ; Higgins, Geraldine
Research Fields: History, European; Literature, English; Folklore
Keywords: national identity; Scotland; Britain; folksong; ethno-symbolism
Program: College Honors Program, International Studies
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/d7rr6
Kader, Emily Love (2011)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Higgins, Geraldine
Committee Members: Schuchard, W Ronald ; Tullos, Allen
Research Fields: Literature, English; Folklore; American Studies
Keywords: Irish Literature; Irish Folklore; Appalachian Folklore; Irish Studies; American Studies; W. B. Yeats; J. M. Synge; Lady Gregory; Cecil Sharp; Richard Chase
Program: Laney Graduate School, English
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/920bt
Moore, Emily Elizabeth (2016)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Harris, Leslie
Committee Members: Tullos, Allen ; Schreiber, Michele
Research Fields: American history; American studies; Folklore
Keywords: gold; Confederate gold; lost treasure; folklore; legend; conspiracy; collective memory; Lost Cause; South; Southern; Confederate States of America; Georgia; Washington Georgia; Wilkes County; Chennault; Reconstruction
Program: College Honors Program, History
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/rhk8n
Surbey, Nicholas Paul (2010)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Grimsley, Jim
Committee Members: Paulsen, Lisa ; Otis, Laura ; Stewart, Scott A
Research Fields: Theater; Fine Arts; Folklore
Keywords: Frontier; Play
Program: College Honors Program, English and Creative Writing
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/7tq71
Winkler, Melissa Catherine (2010)
Honors Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Reed, Walter L
Committee Members: Jackson, Regine ; Caruth, Cathy
Research Fields: Folklore; Gender Studies; Music
Keywords: Murder ballads; Folk Music; Walter Benjamin; Archive Fever; Folklore; Gender; Folklore Symbols and Conventions; Ballads; Roger Renwick; G. Malcolm Laws
Program: College Honors Program, Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/7tdjb